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For product designers and manufacturers

Make life easier for your customers.


Help your customers understand how best to use your products or explore your design features through engaging step-by-step video tutorials.  

The purchasing power of people with disabilities and their families is strong - and growing. In the UK alone, they spend £249bn annually - this is known as the purple pound. Businesses can access the purple pound by making their products and services more accessible and inclusive. Check out The Independent's report on the purple pound here and the government's 2014 press release on the topic here.

People with additional needs routinely require higher levels of support. But we all need a little bit of of assistance every now and again. How Do I? makes the world easier to navigate. We make things possible for some & easier for all. What more, we can help you understand your customers better through data. Our analytics anonymously demonstrate how customers interact with your products at home.

Connect with your customers by offering services that make each and every one feel included and engaged.



Get accessible.

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We're experts in assessing barriers to access for people with learning disabilities and other additional needs. We can help your business better understand how to reach more people effectively.


Digitally link step-by-step video guides on how to use your products, understand their design features, or how they were made.


We can work with you to consult with your target customer, understand what content is most relevant to them, and shoot high-quality videos. We're also happy to use content from your own in-house communications team.


Implementation strategies to ensure a smooth roll-out within your organization.