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For employers

For employers

We know that training & information sharing within large businesses - especially retail and hospitality - is challenging. 

Employee turnover is high. Staff recruitment, training and onboarding is expensive. Training takes place away from where the skills are actually used - and the skills are lost in the process.

On-demand training in the workplace means experienced staff members focus on newer employees and not on the customer. The member of staff may teach a skill their way, and not to the organizationally-approved standard.

On the flip side, they also hold helpful information that more senior members of staff aren’t aware of, and that isn’t easily captured.

Large segments of the population aren’t provided with accessibility features that would make it possible for them to engage in the world of work–like people with learning disabilities.

Our solution is simple. We help people acquire the skills they need when and where they need them. 


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Accessibility audit

We're experts in inclusive employment strategies for people with learning disabilities. We can review accessibility of your recruitment, onboarding and ongoing training procedures.

Learn more about the benefits of inclusive employment here. 


how do i? app

Digitally link step-by-step video guides on how to complete job-related tasks to the locations where they are completed.



content creation

Increase employee engagement by empowering employees to create content to support their colleagues.

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implementation support

Implementation strategies to ensure a smooth roll-out within your organization.