How Do I?: Mobile Video App for Learning and Development
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Learning in the flow of work

We use technology to empower people. Cutting-edge but incredibly simple and accessible contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) stickers have the same embedded technology as contactless debit cards. Video content activated using any mobile device, increasingly acceptable in the workplace. 

 Traditional training is time consuming for the employer, lacking context for learner, is rarely developed by those who do the work every day or is one-off or desk-based e-learning.

Our platform is only solution which enables employees to create and share video content; micro-learning, i.e. broken down into bite-size chunks; self-determined mobile learning in the flow of work; and offers analytics to show how well a team member is performing and what people find difficult.

Our market research with 20+ employers and our engagement with CIPD have evidenced that video, mobile and bite-sized microlearning are the most on-demand methods of vocational learning today. We offer up-to-date and personalised information in the right location, at the right time. 


The right information, in the right place, at the right time

Our bespoke NFC-enabled stickers are flexible enough to be placed exactly where they're needed in the work environment.

Say goodbye to learning off the job - with How Do I?, the job becomes the learning experience.


Capture the expertise of your star employees

Create a platform for your team to record and share step-by-step training content with each other.

Allow knowledge to be collected and distributed seamlessly across your organization.



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“We worked with the How Do I? team in 2018 as we are committed to continuous improvement in training and communication with colleagues.

Senior team members (both operational and training teams) found the app to be fast, intuitive, innovative and effective. In-store colleagues described the tech as being easy to usestraightforward, and useful.

"It's easier to catch up if you’re watching, not reading.”

“It saves time – both for colleagues and managers.”

“My team told me that it is helpful for them to update themselves – especially the weekly update video.”

Working with How Do I, we identified some other changes we should implement before rolling out this technology; however, we enjoyed working with the solution-oriented, hardworking and energetic team; we would happily work with them again.”

Helen Tindle, HR Director, Iceland Foods



“We’re excited to be using How Do I? to communicate more effectively and improve learning across L&Q. It’s an engaging, accessible and innovative way to get content out quickly to colleagues and residents. We’re using it to seamlessly deliver training with remote workers and get the word out about new initiatives to staff across the entire organisation.

Working with Taryl and Tom made a huge impact on our work culture. We were able to better understand our remote workers, connect well as a team and discuss more innovative ways of communicating.

It has helped us channel creative thoughts and really brings people together. Soon, we’ll be using it to connect with residents, helping them feel better informed and more at home in their properties.”

Melissa Wills, Innovation Project Manager, L&Q


Why us?

Hands-on experiential learning + Practice at regular intervals = Highly skilled, successful staff.

Successful people learn by doing.

The 70/20/10 model of learning was developed as a way of thinking about how high-performers learn. Developed by McCall, Lombardo and Eichinger from the Centre for Creative Leadership, the model tells us that those in leadership roles attribute:

  • 70% of their learning to actually engaging in work assignments

  • 20% from learning from others, like mentoring and coaching

  • 10% from formal learning and training programmes

How Do I? takes a hands-on approach to learning and enriches that all-important 70% - on the job, in the moment, with the right support in the precise place it's required.


We need to do something often to remember it - but not all at once.

Psychologists, neurologists and other researchers have been studying the human memory for centuries. One thing that is proven consistently in testing? We need to be exposed to information repeatedly, over an extended period of time, to remember it in the long term. 



Consistency is guaranteed

Create the perfect instructional or product information content once.

When new or temporary staff start, learning content is ready and waiting for them.

Ensure that when a task is completed, it's to the highest standard - from the first time.


1 world, 1 video

How Do I? supports any number of languages and can be used for language skill development. 

Start with the visual content. Then add context with an audio overlay into your native language - and the languages spoken by your staff or suppliers overseas.


Save time and money

Skip the cost of trainer and trainee time, location hire, materials & catering budget.

Make the shop floor your training ground. Capture the expertise of your top performers while freeing them up to work with customers.



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