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Pitch at Palace 6.0 Bootcamp by the numbers

Well… That was a remarkable day.

As remarkable as it was, trying to blog about an event like the Pitch at Palace 6.0 Bootcamp is like trying to eat an elephant, train for a marathon or, I don’t know- start a business after spending 10 years in social work. It’s hard to know where to begin. So, I’ve done a rundown by the numbers.

0: expectations we had prior to the event & times we've pitched in front of royalty

2: familiar organizations

Prison Voicemail, fellow Stephen Lloyd Award finalists who’ve made it through as one of 12 to pitch at St James’ Palace (big congrats!!) and Inkpact, who we’ve met before through Blooming Founders’ event “Tech for Non-tech Tech Founders” (not as convoluted as it sounds). We think Inkpact would be a great employment opportunity for someone with a learning disability and fantastic handwriting, a fair few of whom we know. We’d love to make some introductions, Inkpact!

8: principles to keep in mind when pitching to investors from Mike Lawton (@OxfordSpace)

   Convey broad strategy and clear principles
   Be disruptive
   Ensure your IP is protectable
   Have a stellar team
   Talk about customer traction
   Scalability: no one’s going to be interested if it’s not scalable
   Clear exit option
   … what was the 8th? Bootcamp participants, help us out!

1 000 000 000: times brighter than the sun the Diamond Light Source is.

At the reception following Bootcamp, The Duke of York announced the pitch winners here over British wine, canapes and jazz. A reception at a venue like the Diamond Light Source? 50% Bond film glamour, 50% science-geek fantasy locale, 100% atmospheric.

10 billion is possibly also the number of connections to world and industry leaders in the room. Pitch at Palace has the potential to be completely transformative for participants. We’re honoured to have made the shortlist of 42 for Bootcamp, are entirely pleased for the 12 winning pitches and are very much looking forward to 2 November.

We'd LOVE your support in the People's Choice Award! Voting details to follow soon.