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We’re attending Leaving No One Behind: Achieving and Supporting Disability Inclusion Rights


We first met Parmi Dheensa around this time last year at the Houses of Parliament.

We were excited to have been invited by our MP, Tulip Siddiq, to a Christmas meetup for members of our community working to improve the lives of her constituents. Believe it or not, we aren’t invited to the Houses of Parliament all that often.

When we arrived, we found that we weren’t the only ones in attendance who were driven to raise aspirations for young people with disabilities — often, in the startup world, we are the only ones in the room with our particular mission. But this time, there seemed to have been a special emphasis on inviting colleagues who, like us, take action against the lack of opportunity, visibility and accessibility that makes full inclusion in society challenging for those with complex needs and learning disabilities.

One of the colleagues we met was Parmi, a lecturer, advocate, thought leader and lobbyist who spoke of the work of her organisation, Include Me TOO and her family’s journey. Include Me TOO is an inspirational charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families from a diverse range of backgrounds. Parmi chronicles her son Callum’s journey and her parenting experience on her blog, Callum’s Promise, and has also written for Huffington Post.

That evening, we were also pleased to meet the wonderful Dan White, creator of the first fully inclusive comic book Department of Ability. Nearly a year on, we’re looking forward to seeing both Parmi and Dan this weekend at Leaving No One Behind: Achieving and Supporting Disability Inclusion Rights. From the press release:

World Health Innovation Summit, Include Me TOO and Birmingham City University have come together to build and strengthen a national platform for Disability Inclusion and Rights with a host of disabled champions. The national summit event is taking place on Saturday 18th November 2017, 10am to 4pm at Birmingham City University.
In the UK we have over 12 million disabled people of which over 800,000 are children under the age of 16 years.
This event marks the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 10th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. The event will provide an insight to the numerous areas overlooked impacting on the lives of disabled people, sharing expertise, learning and inspiring to achieve the future we aim to achieve a Disability, Inclusive, and Safe Society for All.

We’re very proud to have been invited to speak about How Do I? at the event alongside Parmi, Dan, Mik Scarlett and a host of others — pop on over to their website to register!