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Mobile learning in the workplace


Since 2014, a common question for businesses has been can mobile phones be used for workforce learning? Yet is seems the question is still being asked today.

So can mobiles really be used for learning?

In short YES OF COURSE they can and already are. So why do many businesses’ not currently see the benefit?

Here’s 5 reasons why businesses should do more to implement mobile use and maximise the capability of these powerful learning tools.


‘So why mobile?’

1. Tool of choice: I’d guess there’s a 50% chance you are probably reading this very blog post on your mobile. Blogs and Vlogs are a great way of sharing and gaining information.

2. Networking capabilities: there are so many strong communities built from LinkedIn and Twitter that are talking about workplace learning. Shout out to #LDinsight which is just one of those.

3. Learning apps: (warning here comes a shameless plug) at How Do I? we use technology to link video instructions to an employee’s smartphone to give them the right training in the right place at the right time. This means they get a bite-sized chunk of learning right in the flow of work.

4. Mobile people: being able to work on the go is key for so many employees now. More and more of us are working remotely and mobile is a great way to be able to keep on top of work. Emails, Skype calls and research can all be done on the move.

5. Cost savings: it’s more and more common for companies to allow employees to use their own devices when at work. This means you don’t have to shell out on new devices for members of staff when they already have a smartphone in their pocket.

‘But won’t people will just be snap chatting all the time’

Personally, I’ve been asked a few times — why I was looking at my phone during a meeting? — and I get that. It might look rude or unusual to some but there is so much available on a phone nowadays that just isn’t there on a good notepad and paper. I have notes, LinkedIn, calculator, travel info, my calendar not to forget the World Wide Web. The efficiency is unparalleled. And, be honest, who’s notepad isn’t just full of doodles anyway?

But seriously, this is about trust — people look at their mobiles on average 200 times a day — including at work — so why not get on board and harness the potential of the smartphone rather than try to restrict it.

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If you’d like to know more about the benefits of mobile learning you could always just use your phone and Google it.