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#TakeFiveWith Harriet Hadley

Take Five With Harriet Hadley - Pictured is Harriet smiling into the camera

Take Five With Harriet Hadley - Pictured is Harriet smiling into the camera

Could you tell us about yourself and your job role? And one hobby/fun fact?

I work in the Community Team at eSynergy Solutions running and implementing their Diversity & Inclusion programme that helps organisations engage with diverse technical communities to raise their profile and share their story. We do this by increasing their awareness around diversity, building their community and supporting them in understanding that by hiring diverse teams they are enabling better opportunities for organisational growth and innovation.

It is rare to find a job that aligns with my personal passion for all things Women in Tech and Neurodiversity…check out my blog posts and socials ;)

Fun fact…I can wiggle my ears and I love all things yellow, pineapple, cactus and skulls! Whoops, that’s 5 things!

What is a typical day like for you? 

This is a tough question as I don’t have a typical day. Same mission but different tasks!
I suppose my day is split between our clients Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and making sure eSynergy reaches its internal inclusivity potential.

My current focuses are promoting our upcoming client’s events, securing leading partners and associates in the D&I space and organising two upcoming Women in Tech meetup launches!

I also tend to have some side projects which currently include designing humorous code merchandise for women (I think it’s funny anyway…), learning Python and maintaining my blog website


Could you tell us how you got into your role? 

Dissertation, Code Course, Consultant, Hired J.

Let me expand on this… I wrote my Dissertation on the ‘Deficit of Female Techpreneurs’ when I realised that there was a huge gap in women working in the technology industry. When I wrote the piece, the figure was only 6%, it is now 17%. I also began writing about Neurodiversity. Bearing in mind my degree is in Entrepreneurship, I think then I knew which career route I wanted to take.

During the end of my degree I took a Code First: Girls Course and learned the basics of HTML, CSS and Java Script, this was advanced and extended to C# when I created my own Consultancy and worked with Technology Companies and learned on the job to create a more in depth understanding of their software.

I then began working with eSynergy as their Community Exec supporting on a number of their tech events and was soon asked to become a permanent member of the team.

To be continued…


What motivates you to do a good job? 

I am very fortunate that my job is my passion. As a Neurodiverse female in tech I feel that I am in a good position to help others in similar positions.

I hope for a day where my job role no longer needs to exist and Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is standard.


How do you learn at work?

Learning and upskilling is in our DNA, we are actively encouraged internally to constantly upskill ourselves.

Our learning process has recently been revolutionised and we now have an online LMS that can be used on any device enabling accessible on the go learning through presentations, videos and tests.

We also encourage our team to constantly upskill themselves in their tech niches by attending key industry events and meetups.

I have also recently been involved in supporting L&D by running practical Diversity & Networking sessions. It was great fun with lots of laughs and a repeat session is scheduled!


What are your aims for this year? For example, if you work in accessibility do you have any plans to help make workplaces more inclusive? If you work in Learning and Development how are you going to promote workplace learning? 

2019 is an exciting year for us and going to see a lot of good change! We now have a Diversity & Awareness Team internally that ensures we do not miss a trick and support on internal projects such as renovating a meeting room into a quiet working space for those that need an area to focus without distraction. We are also in the process of becoming a Tech Talent Charter and Disability Confident Signatory.

One of the things I love about eSynergy is that it is modestly inclusive! An example of this was where I pointed out we were a step free office!

What I am most excited about is the future of Diversity & Inclusion at eSynergy. I am currently working on training plans to raise awareness around the effects of being different in the workplace but most importantly the benefits and how employees can help make their work environment more comfortable to ensure their team are working to the best of their abilities.


eSynergy Solutions website:

Harriet’s LinkedIn Account: Harriet Hadley

Harriet’s Twitter Account: @HadleyHarriet


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