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#TakeFiveWith Priti Depala

Take Five With Priti Depala - Pictured is Priti smiling into the camera

Take Five With Priti Depala - Pictured is Priti smiling into the camera

Could you tell us about yourself and your job role? And one hobby/fun fact?

My name is Priti and I am a Graphic Designer from London. I am creative, imaginative and love thinking outside the box.

I currently take on freelance work, you can check out my work on I am really passionate about creating ideas from scratch to making final design solutions. I also like to do photography in my spare time and use this hobby to explore London, I have met inspiring and amazing people this way, which has made me more confident about my skills.

I have created an information pack for the Uber drivers of PCO Rentals. PCO Rentals used to keep their information in many filing cabinets, but I helped them condense all this information into a small and accessible brochure with bespoke illustrations created for the actual target audience. Some of the Uber drivers don’t speak English as their first language, so I made the content easy to read.


What is a typical day like for you?

My day is quite fun and creative. No day is the same because I usually work on 2 different projects a day, which keeps me motivated and inspired. I brainstorm ideas from scratch by creating my own brief to help me work on my passion projects.

I also read creative blogs and follow my favourite designers on Instagram, one of them is called Kate Moross. She inspires me because I have been to her lectures at ‘Its Nice That’ (a blog website for designers) and I really love her typography and style of work.   

I also go to Graphic Design events and creative meetups where I can meet like-minded people and collaborate.

Could you tell us how you got into your role?

When I was at university I was actually studying IT, but my degree included a design module. That really changed my perception of how design impacts everyday life and how it helps businesses communicate with their audiences and how people interact with each other. Design can also empower a brand’s visual identity by demonstrating the culture and values of the company.


What motivates you to do a good job?

Being around like-minded people really motivates me and inspires me to understand other people’s journey in life. For example, when I take on a client’s brief I like to understand in detail what they really require for the design problem and get insight into the client’s thinking to bring their vision to life.

The Graphic Design and Creative exhibitions also motivate me to come up with new ideas. John Allison, Head of Original Content at Warner Music UK, did a key note speech on ADHD and Creativity for The Future is Neurodiverse IV, and he said: "If you let the mind do it's thing - great things happen."  


How do you learn at work?

I like to watch creative shows on TV and am really inspired by Marvel and DC Comics. For example, back in December 2018 I saw the Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse film, which was really interesting and innovative because the animation and design of the characters were really unique and inclusive, as they had a diverse cast and a different approach to cinematography.

What are your aims for this year? For example, if you work in accessibility do you have any plans to help make workplaces more inclusive? If you work in Learning and Development how are you going to promote workplace learning?

I want to raise awareness about diverse design and creative talent in the Graphic Design industry by meeting and collaborating with various designers. I would also like to create cool projects related to current social issues, for instance, I am really passionate about mental health. I created a student brief called ‘YourBestfriend’ - this was an initiative where the company would pair a therapy dog with a person with a mental health condition to support their journey.


Priti Designs Website:

Priti Designs Twitter Account: @PritiDesigns


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