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#TakeFiveWith Georgina Maratheftis

Take Five With Georgina Maratheftis - pictured is a closeup of Georgina smiling into the camera

Take Five With Georgina Maratheftis - pictured is a closeup of Georgina smiling into the camera

Could you tell us about yourself and your job role? And one hobby/fun fact?

My name is Georgina Maratheftis, and I head up techUK’s local public services work. techUK is the UK’s trade association for digital and high-tech companies. We represent over 900 companies across the breadth and depth of the tech ecosystem. These are the companies and technologies that are defining today, the world we live in tomorrow.  

I work with local government suppliers and councils to see how we can better work together to create the conditions for meaningful transformation that improves the lives of citizens. 
Unfortunately, I don’t have a fun fact. I wish I could say I was a former professional dancer but alas it’s still a dream! I’m a bibliophile, I love to find new independent bookshops and could spend hours sitting in a cosy café reading and eating cake.


What is a typical day like for you?

The day is usually a mix of writing, telling the stories of our sector, and meeting members and council digital leaders who are doing exciting things to reimagine local public services with technology. I tend to meet and speak with one or two members a day to hear what they’re up to and then engage/reach out to councils to see how we can work together to support them on their transformation journey. No two days are ever the same, one day maybe more desk-based, checking emails, another hosting local government workshops on what the art of the possible in children services and touring the regions with techUK’s Local Public Services Committee.


Could you tell us how you got into your role?

I’ve always been passionate about tech and the public sector, so this job seemed perfect. It’s the perfect combination. Before working at techUK, I organised policy forums bringing together policymakers and front-line staff on the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector. From this experience I had developed a good understanding of the public sector landscape, in particular the challenges, and I wanted a role where I could work with industry and public services to improve outcomes for citizens and help create smarter places.


What motivates you to do a good job?

For me it’s about focusing on the outcome and helping others – whether that’s supporting new entrants into a market or helping transform local public services that improve the lives of citizens. In my role I’m privileged to work with a diverse group of people across the tech and local government ecosystem, so if I may not be able to affect change straight away, I can connect and convene the right people to make that happen. Last year techUK were proud to support Challenge Dementia run by Essex County Council and it was inspiring to see first hand how technology can make a real difference to people’s lives, helping them to live enjoyable and fulfilling lives for as long as possible – congrats to HowDoI? who won the highly commended prize!


How do you learn at work?

I’ve probably mentioned already but I’m lucky to work with some great colleagues as well as members and stakeholders with a range of experiences, so seeing how they approach a situation or project helps me to develop. Also reading all the great blogs and WeekNotes there are on various transformation projects is extremely useful in learning what others are doing and taking inspiration.


What are your aims for the next year? For example, if you work in accessibility do you have any plans to help make workplaces more inclusive? If you work in Learning and Development how are you going to promote workplace learning?


The aim for the next year is to continue to work and bring together the tech industry and local government to overcome the barriers to transformation, collaborating on how we can enable meaningful transformation that delivers inclusive and accessible services for all citizens. That is at the heart of the work we are doing on making a place based approach a reality this year (check out our recent #PlaceBasedInnovation week here). We will continue to showcase the great work happening in this area through our blogs, articles and events. If anyone would like to learn more about how to get involved with techUK and our local public services work, get in touch @GeorginaMarath


teckUK website:

techUK Twitter Account: @techUK


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