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National Inclusion Week Spotlight Day #4 – Marks & Spencer


Summary: National Inclusion Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace by Inclusive Employers. This year we want to spotlight businesses that have made accessibility and disability inclusion a priority, which we hope will encourage other organisations to embed inclusion in their policies and strategies because when the workplace is accessible – everyone wins!

Today’s disability inclusion spotlight: Marks & Spencer (M&S)

Today we are celebrating their: Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyards

 Why it’s great: People with hidden disabilities such as Autism, Dementia, Learning Disabilities, Visual or Hearing impairments, etc. may sometimes find it difficult to communicate their needs, disclose their disability or ask for help in a busy shop. Staff who work in these shops may also not realise a customer might have one of these hidden disabilities because their symptoms are not always visible.

After listening to the suggestions put forward by their employees, M&S became the first retailer to introduce sunflower lanyards into all of its owned stores to help staff recognise and cater for people with hidden disabilities.  


We think it is a fantastic scheme because it gives customers with hidden disabilities the option to disclose their condition in a discreet way, without having to give a detailed explanation about their disability every time they meet a new member of staff. It also gives M&S staff an easy way to know if a customer would like their help, even if they have not been previously acquainted with each other.

You can find out more about M&S’ Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard scheme on their website by clicking here.    

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Taryl Law