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National Inclusion Week Spotlight Day #5 – 02

Disability inclusion spotlight for #National Inclusion Week - pictured is the 02 shop sign

Disability inclusion spotlight for #National Inclusion Week - pictured is the 02 shop sign

Summary: National Inclusion Week is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace by Inclusive Employers. This year we want to spotlight businesses that have made accessibility and disability inclusion a priority, which we hope will encourage other organisations to embed inclusion in their policies and strategies because when the workplace is accessible – everyone wins!

Today’s disability inclusion spotlight: O2  

Today we are celebrating their: their pledge to commit to disability inclusion during National Inclusion Week   

 Why it’s great: This week O2 has joined The Valuable 500, a social movement that was launched January this year and is aiming to gain commitments from 500 private sector organisations to support disability inclusion and equality. O2 backed up this commitment by hosting workshops and livestreams focused on raising awareness about diversity, inclusion and disability.

Mark Evans, Chief Executive Officer at O2 said:

 “As a customer-led business, it’s vital that our workforce reflects and understands the needs of all of our customers. It not only makes good business sense, it also creates happier and more productive teams where everyone is given the opportunity to excel and succeed.”

We wanted to draw attention to this pledge because:

-       O2 realises for a workplace to be truly inclusive, everyone needs the opportunity to advance their learning. This is why we’re happy that they hosted livestreams as well as workshops, so anyone who can’t travel was able to benefit from the awareness raising throughout National Inclusion Week.

-       Mark Evans highlighted the benefits of disability inclusion for staff and customers. The disabled population have a spending power of £80bn (ONS) and are more likely to spend it with organisations that employ disabled people, as organisations like these have first-hand knowledge of a disabled customer base. 

-       Senior employees at O2 are supporting this initiative. Jo Bertram, Director of Business and Executive sponsor for Inclusion at O2 said: “For me, moments like National Inclusion Week are vitally important, as they highlight the importance of doing the right thing for our people and communities, not as a one off, but whole year round.” This demonstrates that the leadership at O2 value disabled people, which gives O2 employees positive role models to base their inclusive behaviour on.

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