How Do I?: Mobile Video App for Learning and Development
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Link location to learning with tap-to-launch video tutorials.


Improve training and onboarding in the workplace.

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Increase the accessibility of your products or services.

We've made it our mission to deliver practical tools to make places more accessible.


We use mobile technology to provide access to the right instructional information, in the right place, at the right time. 

Our approach makes life easier for everyone – and, crucially, makes things possible for those with additional needs like learning disabilities, dementia, brain injuries or language differences.



The Challenge? 

When we need instructional information, it's rarely where we need it to be - or easy to use.

In the workplace, one-off training programmes or desk-based e-learning means that skills are lost between the learning session and the workplace.

At home, user manuals, even when they aren't thrown away with the related packaging or lost over time, aren’t user-friendly. The same goes for YouTube videos.

That’s where we come in.


We Bridge the knowledge gap. 

Our cutting-edge video tutorial app links location to learning.

We co-create content with our customers, then we work our magic. Users simply tap a device to a NFC tag - an affordable, targeted solution - to instantly launch an easy to follow video.

The tag is stuck in the exact place where it’s needed - be it on the shop floor or on an appliance at home - and the video teaches the user or refreshes their knowledge on how to complete a task. We've built in pauses so users can learn skills at their own pace.


The How Do I? difference?

We unlock the potential of people, products, and services.

For employers, we increase the effectiveness of training & onboarding. It’s like having your best employee train every new starter, every time. Jobs are completed in the same way to the best standard – from the very first time they’re done. Experienced employees are free to focus on the customer, not on training newer members of their team.

For businesses, we can improve customer satisfaction and help you access new and emerging markets.


For employers, the How Do I? advantage means:

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We worked with IKEA through the IKEA Bootcamp.



We're a business with a difference.

Our founders met while working at a school for young people with learning disabilities. Between us, we've taught clever and resourceful young people for 20+ years. We’re passionate about learning.

So while our mission is to help the many learn, our vision is of a more inclusive world - where everyone can have a job, live more independently and tap into their true potential.

We wanted to stay true to our roots, so we brought on Swiss Cottage School Charity as the majority shareholder. When you support us, you support world-class education for children with learning disabilities in the UK and abroad.

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