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Personalised memory support

Refresh by How Do I? is a pair of mobile apps that link helpful videos to objects in your home or place of work.

Introducing Refresh


How Do I? has helped hundreds of people learn at home and at work, through thousands of video-led learning sessions. Now, we’re refining our tap-to-launch video technology and creating a bespoke version of our app for people affected by dementia.


We are currently working with exciting partners like Alzheimer’s Society to develop Refresh, a mobile video support tool for people affected by dementia and their families.

Refresh is a pair of mobile apps that can link helpful personalised videos to objects in your home.

These videos can help with remembering how to complete a task, or capture memories of activities you’ve taken part in and don’t want to forget.

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How it works

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An award-winning concept

Refresh has been recognised by industry experts and people affected by dementia through two prestigious awards programmes, the AAL Smart Ageing Prize and the Essex Challenge Dementia Programme.


2018 Judges’ Prize Winner